Wafer and Substrate

We can supply various types of monocrystal substrate and wafer: high temperature superconducting thin film substrate , magnetic thin films and ferroelectric thin film substrate , semiconductor crystal , optical crystal , laser crystal materials etc.

Semiconducting crystal substrate

  • SOI(Si+SiO2+Si), Ge, Si, InP, InAs, InSb

Lithium Niobate waveguide, amplitude modulators substrate

  • Optical / Saw Grade LiNbO3

III-V crystal substrate

  • Sapphire, GaN, LiAlO2, MgAl2O4

II-VI crystal substrate

  • ZnO( high resistivity), ZnO(low resistivity), Ga:ZnO, SiC

Magnet ferroelectric thin film substrate

  • GGG, Nb:SrTiO3, Fe:SrTiO3, PMN-PT

Photo Transistor substrate

  • TiO2 Rutile, SiO2 quartz monocrystal, Quartz glass, YAlO3, YAG, LiNbO3, LiTaO3

Fluo-chloride crystal substrate

  • MgF2, CaF2, BaF2, LiF, KCl, NaCl, KBr

Ceramic substrate

  • Al2O3 96%, AlN, YSZ

New Crystal

  • DyScO3, GdScO3, PrScO3, NdScO3, MnO, CeO2, Cu2O, Fe3O4, SnO2, Fe2O3, ZnO/Al2O3

Superconducting thin film

  • SrTiO3, LaAlO3, YSZ, MgO, NdGaO3, KTaO3, SrLaAlO4

Functional epitaxial thin films

  • SiO2 + Si, GaN on Sapphire, Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si

Other materials

  • Cu metal monocrystal substrate, Al metal monocrystal substrate, Mg metal monocrystal substrate, KTa(1-x)Nb(x)O3, K9 glass substrate, Sapphire tube/rod, Ruby tube/rod

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