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Today, sputtering targets and vacuum technology are employed in many different industries or research fields. In order to meet various needs from our customers, we utilize our unique network of partners. Our goal is to establish a long time relationship based on mutual trust.

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Sputtering targets

Materials and Design upon your request

The following is examples of available materials. Please feel free to contact us for your specific request.

Pure Metals

Ag(Silver), Al(Aluminum), Au(Gold), Co(Cobalt), Cu(Copper), Cr(Chromium), Fe (Iron), Ge(Germanium), Mo(Molybdenum), Nb(Niobium), Ni(Nickel), Sc(Scandium), Si(Silicon), Ta(Tantalum), Ti(Titanium,), V(Vanadium), W(Tungsten), and more


Al/Cu(Aluminum Copper), Al/Ti(Aluminum Titanium), Al/Sn/Cu(Aluminum Tin Copper), Co/Ta/Zr(Cobalt Tantalum Zirconium), Cu/Ga(Copper Gallium), Cu/In(Copper Indium), Cu/In/Ga(Copper Indium Gallium), Fe/Co(Iron Cobalt), Fe/Co/Ta/Zr(Iron Cobalt Tantalum Zirconium), Fe/Ni(Iron Nickel), Ni/Cr(Nickel Chromium), Ni/Si(Nickel Silicon), Ni/V(Nickel Vanadium), Ti/W(Titanium Tungsten), and more


Al₂O₃(Aluminium Oxide), ZnO/Al₂O₃ 98/2wt%(AZO), CeO₂(Cerium Oxide), Cr₂O₃(Chromium Oxide), Gd₂O₃(Gadolinium Oxide), Ga₂O₃(Gallium Oxide), Ga₂O₃/ZnO(GZO), HfO₂(Hafnium Oxide), In₂O₃/Ga₂O₃/ZnO(IGZO), In₂O₃(Indium Oxide), In₂O₃/SnO₂ 90/10wt%(ITO), In₂O₃/ZnO 90/10(IZO), MgO(Magnesium Oxide), MoO₃(Molybdenum Oxide), NiO(Nickel Oxide), Nb₂O₅(Niobium Oxide), Sm₂O₃(Samarium Oxide), SiO(Silicon monoxide), SiO₂(Silicon Dioxide), Ta₂O₅(Tantalum Oxide), SnO₂(Tin Oxide), TiO₂(Titanium Oxide), WO₃’Tungsten Trioxide), V₂O₅(Vanadium Oxide), Y₂O₃(Yttrium Oxide), ZnO(Zinc Oxide), ZrO₂(Zirconium Oxide)

Customized Design &Size

Planar, Cylindrical, Planar with steps, With Backing plate / Backing tube

List of products


Our featured product

Do you have problem with issues by conventional ITO targets? Particle Free (PF) ITO is a new ITO to minimize particle issues.

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We can also offer Sputter & Evaporation coaters. Visit here for details.

Sputtering coater

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