Sputtering Targets for Precise Thin-Film Deposition


  • Semiconductor
  • RF/SAW/BAW filters
  • Precision Optics/Laser
  • Photovoltaic/Solar
  • Display Technologies
  • Data Storage
  • MEMs
  • Automotive
  • Architectural glass
  • Tools
  • and more…

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  • Benefits of Our PVD Targets:

    • High Quality: Our partners utilize cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control to manufacture premium PVD targets.
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    • Competitive Prices: We offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
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Sputtering is one of PVD coating technologies used for thin-film deposition in diverse industries and research activities such as semiconductor, optics, energy, architectural glass. Ottamagation specializes in offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality PVD targets, carefully chosen to cater to your precision coating applications.

Furthermore, we partner with proven manufactures and source sputtering targets made of high-purity materials, including metals, alloys, ceramics, and compounds. Our products undergo advanced manufacturing processes, such as hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and vacuum melting, ensuring exceptional density, purity, and microstructure for consistent and uniform coatings.

Lastly, we are committed to providing dedicated excellent customer support. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of products.

Materials and Design for your sputtering targets

Explore our extensive inventory of sputtering target materials, including a variety of pure metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel, and more. Moreover, alloys of those metals as well as various ceramics like ITO, alumina, silicon dioxide, zinc oxide, and compounds such as oxides, nitrides, sulfides are available.

Pure Metals

Ag(Silver), Al(Aluminum), Au(Gold), Co(Cobalt), Cu(Copper), Cr(Chromium), Fe (Iron), Ge(Germanium), Mo(Molybdenum), Nb(Niobium), Ni(Nickel), Pt (Platinum), Sc(Scandium), Si(Silicon), Ta(Tantalum), Ti(Titanium,), V(Vanadium), W(Tungsten), and more


Al/Cu(Aluminum Copper), Al/Ti(Aluminum Titanium), Al/Sn/Cu(Aluminum Tin Copper), Co/Ta/Zr(Cobalt Tantalum Zirconium), Cu/Ga(Copper Gallium), Cu/In(Copper Indium), Cu/In/Ga(Copper Indium Gallium), Fe/Co(Iron Cobalt), Fe/Co/Ta/Zr(Iron Cobalt Tantalum Zirconium), Fe/Ni(Iron Nickel), Ni/Cr(Nickel Chromium), Ni/Pt (Nickel Platinum), Ni/Si(Nickel Silicon), Ni/V(Nickel Vanadium), Ti/W(Titanium Tungsten), and more


Al₂O₃(Aluminium Oxide), ZnO/Al₂O₃ 98/2wt%(AZO), CeO₂(Cerium Oxide), Cr₂O₃(Chromium Oxide), Gd₂O₃(Gadolinium Oxide), Ga₂O₃(Gallium Oxide), Ga₂O₃/ZnO(GZO), HfO₂(Hafnium Oxide), In₂O₃/Ga₂O₃/ZnO(IGZO), In₂O₃(Indium Oxide), In₂O₃/SnO₂ 90/10wt%(ITO), In₂O₃/ZnO 90/10(IZO), MgO(Magnesium Oxide), MoO₃(Molybdenum Oxide), NiO(Nickel Oxide), Nb₂O₅(Niobium Oxide), Sm₂O₃(Samarium Oxide), SiO(Silicon monoxide), SiO₂(Silicon Dioxide), Ta₂O₅(Tantalum Oxide), SnO₂(Tin Oxide), TiO₂(Titanium Oxide), WO₃’Tungsten Trioxide), V₂O₅(Vanadium Oxide), Y₂O₃(Yttrium Oxide), ZnO(Zinc Oxide), ZrO₂(Zirconium Oxide)

Customized Design &Size

Choose from various sizes and shapes, including discs, rectangles, cylindrical, and custom shapes to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide bonding services to ensure optimal adhesion and performance of the sputtering targets.

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